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Whether you choose to have your photoshoot in-studio, in your home, outdoors, or in a hotel, I will make you feel like a goddess. My mission is to give you a break from your every day life to focus on yourself, whether it is for a 30 minute mini session or the full boudie babe Siren experience! Check out our FAQs here.

Here's a little known fact that may surprise you: provocative photography featuring women in their boudoirs has been a thing for nearly 100 years. Yep - - before quick film developing, before digital cameras, before women could vote and, get this: before it was even legal!

I will spare you all of the historical details and just tell you that women have been posing for the camera in their sexiest lingerie (sometimes sans clothing at all!) since the early 20th century. And, as you've seen in art class, many have posed for the paintbrush and painter even earlier than that.

Boudoir photography is a rite of passage; a gift to yourself; a celebration of you, your womanhood, your beautiful body and your sense of spirit. If your partner loves it too, well, that’s an added bonus!

I run a private ladies only boudoir group on facebook for all ladies to come along, interact, ask questions and have fun! Join in here.

Georgina Ford Photography has worked with all sorts of women at various stages of their life, and made every one feel like a goddess.

We laugh, we get serious, we have fun. And I promise you this: you'll walk away feeling more confident in your own skin, and like the radiantly beautiful woman you are.


I can't wait to see you.


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