making YOU feel like a goddess since 2017

Hi there!

I am an international fine art boudoir photographer photo-shooting across the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. I am wife to an incredibly handsome US Army veteran, mom to a little boy who melts my heart, makes me giggle, and frustrates me all at the same time!

I am also a world traveller with 40+ countries under my belt, and have grown up and lived among many different cultures, and traditions across the globe, leaving me with an accent that can best be described as sort of posh British, with a bunch of other stuff thrown in. I grew up in Africa, and recently moved to Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado from Dubai, where we were for nine years!

Since coming to the Valley, I have scouted a number of private outdoor locations for you to strip off and enjoy nature without worrying about being seen! This includes on a private farm (free for all sessions), or at a very high-end private cabin for boudoir marathons (price on request).

I run a private ladies only boudoir group on facebook for all ladies to come along, interact, ask questions and have fun! Join in here.

I am also passionate about animal rescue and take photographs to support Rifle Animal Shelter here in Colorado, where we recently adopted a gorgeous new family member!

I began my boudoir journey at 15 - doing fine-art life drawing - selling my first chalk and charcoal painting of a nude at 16. Life got in the way and I had to choose a career not a passion, until I re-found my love of the human form and passion for photography in 2014.

I am both licensed and insured, and a member of the highly regarded PPA - I am also a registered business which means taxes (urgh).

Catch me on my blog or on Instagram at @boudoirbygeorgina for my latest client work, personal project pics, and behind-the-scenes photoshoot giggles.

Lots of love Georgina