Boudoir FAQ's

1) Do you share everyone's images? No, I have a boudoir contract which outlines what you are comfortable with me sharing/not sharing - you can choose to have all of your images completely private, you can choose images you are happy for me to share, or you can let me share all of them.

2) Do I have to be in lingerie/nude? No. Wear what you are comfortable in! This can be your husband's favorite sports team jersey, a giant comfy sweater with bare legs, a robe, lingerie, or nothing at all. I usually suggest you bring a few things and we start the shoot with your most covered look.

3) Can I drink at my session? I do offer ladies a glass of Prosecco before their shoot, however, I don’t offer more than that. I don’t want you to lose your inhibitions and then regret your images. Any ladies that arrive intoxicated will not be able to complete their shoot.

4) Should I get hair & make-up done? Unless you are very good at your own make-up and hair, I would say YES. The lovely Sherronna Bishop from All About Looks & Image is my go-to lady for hair & make-up and she does a fabulous job.

5) Will there be anyone else in the room at my shoot? No. I am a female photographer, and a mom. I will be the only person at your shoot, unless you have requested Sherrona, or your make-up artist be there. I prefer that you do not bring along a friend, unless they too are doing a boudie shoot. Having someone there can be a distraction and posing requires a bit of concentration.

6) How do I pick a package? Well, if this is your first boudie shoot, the 40 minute mini sessions or 30 minute boudie babe marathons are a good place to start. You can get a feel for it, and get a few good images. For bridal boudoir, or if you are looking to do a little black book, or have the full boudie babe experience, I recommend going to at least an hour long full session. Longer session means we don't have to rush and can spend more time on your outfits etc. I have three full boudoir packages starting from one hour, up to a max of two hours.

7) Do you provide lingerie or props? I do not for hygiene reasons provide lingerie. I do however have strings of faux pearls, a statement turquoise necklace, two pairs of shoes (size 9 and 10), a feather boa, a heart-shaped umbrella, heavy white hotel quality robes, and one XXL chunky sweater. I find my boudie babes feel more comfortable in things they have picked themselves, and suit their style.

8 ) What’s your minimum or maximum age for a your boudoir shoots? I am not personally comfortable photographing anyone under the age of 21 for boudoir. There is no maximum age.

9) I cannot afford your packages, but I still want to do a shoot, can you help? I do offer payment plans to clients that need them. Please let me know when you contact me that you would like to know more about payment plans. Also, join our boudie babe facebook group or our newsletter (sign up at the bottom of the page) for exclusive discounted boudoir marathons and deals.