Add a little spouse spice to your recipe

You’ve all heard of pumpkin spice, and all spice, now let me introduce you to spouse spice!

I am one of those wives that loves to surprise her husband with fun stuff, whether that is a home-baked loaf of dwarf bread (Terry Pratchett fans - you will know what I speak of!), or a date night to somewhere awesome. But, sometimes, going out for dinner, or baking more goods gets a little repetitive - my husband has asked me to please stop baking cakes and cookies - or he will get fat.

So, what do you do? Well, my answer is to head down into my studio and take some photos (of me). Being a photographer, I hate sending selfies from my phone, when I know my camera does a MUCH better job!! Those shots are ‘spouse spice’

Ladies and gents, we are in a world where the photo you put on your social media is how people judge you, shouldn’t you be putting the best photo forward? Shouldn’t you be giving your other half photos that are lit the right way, that make the best of your curves and angles, and of course properly showcase your features?

One of my past clients sent this to me this morning:

“I have never felt so confidant and beautiful in so little clothing. Then seeing my husband's reaction just boosted all of that by a million!”

Now that ladies and gents, is what boudoir is all about!

So, if you want to add a little spouse spice to your recipe, drop me a message here - and let’s get cooking!

Georgina FordComment