The Midnight Experience


The Midnight Experience

Boudoir for every body

I have had a lot of enquiries for milk bath sessions, you know, those shoots where ladies are in a bath with white water, surrounded by flowers? I like the concept, but felt that it had been a little overdone, so was searching for something a little more edgy.

I came upon a gothic styled shoot on instagram, where the photographer used a black bath, instead of white milk in a bath (which I think sounds icky.. I HATE animal milk). So I did a little research and found completely organic, cruelty free bath bombs that are black. I am able to get two different kinds, one with glitter and one without.

I had a stunningly gorgeous client book a two hour session with me, and asked her if she wanted to try out my bath bomb idea. She jumped at the chance, and so, armed with scarlet rose petals, a black bath bomb and an idea in my head.. we did it.

Since this lady is a private client, I cannot show her face (which is a shame as she looked sensational), so, instead, here are some booty shots to give you an idea of what this session looks like, and head to for more!