Create your own fantasy

From naughty 50s housewife gone wild, to outdoors boho babe in the wild, I can make your fantasy come to life.

One of the best things about shooting empowerment photography is the stories I get to create. Some ladies just want to feel sexy again and love getting pampered, getting into the studio and having some ‘me’ time, but others like their images to tell a story.

The above story was inspired by this Austin Powers scene: where everything is covered by strategically placed objects, I added in a dash of 50s housewife to give it a context, and we used this spotless, beautiful kitchen as a background. I loved doing this shoot!

Drop me a message on my public facebook page or here on the website and let’s bring your fantasy to life.

Hair and makr-up as always by the very talented Sherronna Bishop from All About Looks & Image Co